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Honey & Cinnamon

Honey poses with Cinnamon and knows how to get your attention.


Marshmellow saying na na na boo boo Im the cutest chihuahua there is!

Sleepy Cinnamon

Cinnamon taking a nap upside down! Snug as a bug!

Cinnamon Stretches

After a long nap its gppd to stretch!

Baby Marshmellow

Mashmellow not long after her eyes opened.

Cinnamon Lounging Around

Once again Cinnamon really knows how to show off

Derpy Marshmellow


Spread Eagle Churro

A picture is worth a thousand words...


My other little boy! Litterally just like his dad!


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Churro Goes For A Walk

Churro loves to go for walks outside about as much as he loves car rides.

Churro Can Fly?

Playing outside at the park, running so fast his little legs cant keep up.